Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Street

I am out here all alone, not knowing what is going to be happening to me next. I found a place to sleep, but its not comfortable. I am surrounded by sounds and sights I have never seen before. I am cold and wet most of the time, or I am hot and can not find a place to cool my body. My stomach is always rumbling. But, sometimes when I find something to eat, it makes me sick. My body hurts a lot when I lay down as I am nothing but skin and bones having to lay on anything I can find to sleep. The sleep isn't a good one either, as noises that surround me always wake me and scare me.

I do get to sit and watch all you humans scurry around going from place to place. Watching as you sit and eat something that smells so good to me, for which I can not have. Many of you look at me, but do you truly see me or are you looking through me. I have watched many of you go into a nice place and felt the heat come out as you closed the door. Oh how I would love to have a place like that. A family that loves me and give me all things that I should have. But I do know that there are some of you that would also hurt me in ways I can not imagine.

So here I sit, day after day. Wondering if anyone will ever come to get me and take me to the place I so want to be. That place is in your lap or by your side, feeling your hand stroke me. Letting me know that I am loved and in a safe place. A place that I can forget everything that is happening to me now. A place I had no decision in coming to. It was other humans that put me here. Either I was able to escape or I was thrown away like garbage. But for now, I will only know the street.

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