Friday, July 31, 2009

Battle Scars Written on 6/30/06

Many words are said to you. You are called many things. Everything you are called, hurts your heart. But, you continue moving through life.
Sometimes, you are attacked mentally, which can be forgotten. Sometimes, you are attacked physically, which will heal in time. But, the hardest attack is of the heart. Which will never be forgotten, sometimes never forgiven, and will never heal.
The heart can withstand many things....breaking, cracking, and being ripped out. Everyone always says it will heal in time. But, all who says that, are wrong. The heart will never be complete again. All breakage and cracks will always be there, no matter what. You will just continue to get them. Just think of them as, battle scars.

A Better Place Written on 8/12/06

You have no more pain, no more suffering. The fight you gave, was a valiant one. Yet, a fight you have lost.
Yes, those left behind, will have a pain of their own to bare. The tears will flow, and the sadness will probably last for a while.
Right now, you see the light, you see the loved ones that have gone before. You feel the love from them, and from those left behind.
You are at peace within your soul. Go to the light, because within it, is a better place.

For: David White

Something God Made Written on 8/10/06

For years, we were pushed around, called names, and even beaten. Some lost their family, and others were told, "You have the devil in you". The worse of all are the many who have lost their lives, for being who they are. There are those who have won acceptance. Some took longer, but still accepted.
We have fought for all to accept us as we are. But, the bigger picture is not ready for that yet. Still our "style" is pushed aside, and we keep fighting. What some of the people do not know is, they know or deal with us almost on a daily basis.
Most people, us and them, are blinded by the fact that we are all the same. The few differences are: color, sex, and religion. Our preference is a "sex-style", not a "life-style". The one main thing no one see is, we are all something God made.

Masks Written on 6/10/97

We all wear them, putting them on when we feel we need them. We take them off and hang them, when in private. We all have many of them for different situations or occasions.
In some instances, they can be very helpfull. But, in all other areas they are and can be very dangerous things. All they do are cover feelings and allow us to be someone different. Not allowing others to see us for who we really are.
I do not wear mine any longer. Who everyone sees and meets, is exactly who I am. Yes, I have put away and hung up my masks, because they cause hurt and only hide me. Hopefully soon, everyone will not need them and all masks will come down. To reveal all of the beautiful faces behind them.