Friday, January 3, 2014

Little Soul

Little Souls

I am sorry for what happened to you.

I am sorry for the way you were treated.

I am sorry that people could not treat you the way you should have been treated.

You had nothing to do with how you turned out. It was not your fault. All the blame
 belongs to the humans who had you.

I may not have known you or owned you, but I can feel your pain, your fright, your

You belong to all of the other little souls out there that have no control over what
happens to you or how you are treated. You only act the way you do because of
the humans.

You were put into situations you have no control over. You are not given a choice.

Then they take you somewhere and either dump you or have you murdered because of
their own stupidity.

At least now, you can no longer be hurt by those that said they loved you. You are
free to go and be with others like you. To run and play for eternity.

You are among other little souls just like you.

(for a little dog I didn't know, and all the others that are out there now not loved, beaten, and destroyed because of stupid humans)

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