Monday, May 28, 2012

The End of the Road

The End of the Road

You have had it, you are through. You are burnt out, used up, nothing more left to give. Yet, people still want more from you. You continue going even though you know you are on empty. Spinning your wheels with only dust flying everywhere, because you are stuck. You have been on this road for along time and now realize that you are close to the end of your journey. You can see in the short distance where your destination lays. You are ready for it to be over.

You have waited for this point in your life for a long time. You have wanted it to come sooner but could not bring yourself to stop till you reached your end. You think that no one will notice that you have stopped or that you have pulled onto a side road. You don’t want someone to come along and tow you out of it, you want the end to come quickly so you can rest. You are tired and just need to rest.

But, what you do not realize is that others are watching you at all times. They know where you are and what you are thinking. They know that you just want to stop and lay there, to disappear. If you stop, they will come to you and pull you along. That is something you do not want them to do. You only want the end to come quickly, fast, and direct.

What you perceive to be the end of your road, might not be the end. It could be a mirage or a dip in the road. Beyond, there could be many more miles you must travel to reach where you want or need to be. You are not sure you can make it all those miles. You feel as if you are traveling alone most of the time, even though you know you are not.

When you feel you are reached the end of your road, look beside you and see if there is someone else there traveling with you. Someone that you can turn to when you need to make it up yet another hill or over a mountain. That someone just might be strong enough to pull you through the rough patches in your road or out of a ditch when you slid to the side. If not, there are always others along the road that might be waiting just for you to reach where they are and willing enough to keep you fueled enough to push to the end of the road.

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