Monday, May 16, 2011

Waking Up Alone

I open my eyes, just like I do every other morning. Yesterday it was a dreary day, rain, windy, and cold. I wanted to stay in bed. But, today, it was sunny and warm, birds were singing. I could smell the scent of fresh cut grass. I still wanted to stay in bed. I stretch my arm out across the bed, but your not there. You haven't been there for a long time.

At night, when I climb into bed, I sometimes think I can feel you climb in next to me. I sometimes think I can feel the heat of your body against me. But I know you are not there, the things I am feeling are all in my mind. But, those thoughts feel so real at times.

When I finally pull myself out of bed, I make my way to the kitchen and pull out 2 cups for our morning coffee. Then I realize I will only need one cup and put the other back onto the shelf. I have caught myself doing things like that many times. I have set the table for 2, I have hung 2 towels in our bathroom, I even make to much food because I forgot how to cook for only one.

Its been a long time since you have passed on and I find myself waking up alone. I do know in time all of that will change. But, the pain and memories will never fade away. No one will ever take your place in my heart and mind. I will find myself waking up alone for the rest of my life.

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