Friday, July 31, 2009

Something God Made Written on 8/10/06

For years, we were pushed around, called names, and even beaten. Some lost their family, and others were told, "You have the devil in you". The worse of all are the many who have lost their lives, for being who they are. There are those who have won acceptance. Some took longer, but still accepted.
We have fought for all to accept us as we are. But, the bigger picture is not ready for that yet. Still our "style" is pushed aside, and we keep fighting. What some of the people do not know is, they know or deal with us almost on a daily basis.
Most people, us and them, are blinded by the fact that we are all the same. The few differences are: color, sex, and religion. Our preference is a "sex-style", not a "life-style". The one main thing no one see is, we are all something God made.

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